The Vision for Houston

The Houston Coalition for Complete Streets submitted a packet of information to Mayor Annise Parker and all members of the Houston City Council expressing the request of citizens through the petition and how the Coalition believes the City could best proceed on implementing reasonable and efficient short terms solutions while beginning work on transformative changes that may take five to ten years.

The Path to Complete Streets (pdf)
Our one-pager describing the argument for Complete Streets for Houston and our 15 recommendations for making the streets safer for all users this year.

Toward Complete Streets for Houston (pdf)
Report describing 15 recommendations that the City of Houston could implement this year and including a narrative discussion of a complete Complete Streets strategy for the City.

Comments added to the petition for Complete Streets for Houston (pdf)
As of mid June 2012, 1355 people have signed the petition.  Many have commented.  We compiled the comments and sent them to our elected representatives at the City of Houston unedited except for several minor mistakes that we felt were typing errors, perhaps on a phone.

Statement of City of Houston PWE to City Council
May 8, 2012
Gary Norman with City of Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering (PWE) prepared the following statement for Houston City Council Members for a public comment “pop off” session where many representatives of the Houston Coalition for Complete Streets spoke about the benefits of Complete Streets:

“The Public Works & Engineering Department supports the use of roadway design criteria which considers the needs of all classes of users – pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. Further, while the City’s design manual currently contains standards which accommodate this broad range of roadway users, the Department is working to add language to encourage the use of context-sensitive design principles.”