Good Citizen Bike Ped Safety Reporting Bureau

Join the campaign to make Houston streets safer by letting our local governments know about problems you encounter in our bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

Many of us in the Houston region take broken sidewalks, cars parked in bike trails, sidewalks and bike trails that just end for no reason (or don’t exist), lack of pedestrian access, and other serious issues for granted.

The Houston Coalition for Complete Streets does not accept that anymore. Lack of safe infrastructure for all the people of the Houston region is a serious problem and we’re crowd sourcing the issue.

Please take special notice of all the unsafe features and lack of bicycle, pedestrian, and complete streets infrastructure in your neighborhood, near your work, or wherever you find yourself walking, biking, traveling around our great region.

Then simply report serious issues about your pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure to 311, the City of Houston’s system for collecting citizen reports of issues.

The City of Houston has set up an app for iPhone and Android users that you can use to submit 311 reports including taking a picture of the issue and automatically including your location. After you download the app, you will notice that the app does not provide a preset category for transportation issues not of a personal car nature, so you will need to select “Other” as the Issue Title. If you would like to find the app in an “app store” on your phone, search for “Houston 311.”

Or you can simply call 311 from anywhere inside the Houston City Limits, send a fax to 713-837-0210, e-mail to or you can report the issue online and find more information at

Please give a meaningful description of the issue, only report serious problems, and keep your eyes peeled for issues that need to be fixed in your neighborhood, your community and our Houston region.

2 thoughts on “Good Citizen Bike Ped Safety Reporting Bureau

  1. bayoucitycyclist

    I contacted 311 the other week to request the installation of a traffic signal at Allen Parkway and Dunlavy (Case Reference Number 101001207963). I think a safe crossing here would serve as a good alternative to Waugh Bridge for cyclists/peds going north/south across Allen Parkway. Dunlavy is almost directly across Allen from the new bike/ped bridge at Jackson Hill as well, which offers a protected route across the bayou and Memorial Drive. I got a quick reply from Public Works rejecting the idea, though they did say that they had received this request multiple times before. If you think it’s a good idea, it might not hurt to put forth the case again!


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