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“We call upon all local elected officials in the Houston region to begin a transformation of how our infrastructure is built and maintained, so that soon all projects incorporate the princi-­‐ ples of Complete Streets for all users.

All infrastructure projects should properly bal-­‐ ance the needs of pedestrians, bicyclists, the disabled, automobile drivers, freight operators, transit, and local businesses along the street.

The City of Houston should lead this charge by adopting a policy of using Complete Streets de-­‐ sign in all projects under the ReBuild Houston initiative. Where appropriate, when the streets are dug up, they should be replaced with wide sidewalks, ADA compliant intersections, and safe and clear bike lanes, as well as adequate, safe travel lanes for automobiles, transit, and freight operators.”

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5 thoughts on “Sign the Petition!

  1. Tom McCasland

    Complete streets is a critical step in reclaiming Houston’s streets (the entire space from building line to building line) for pedestrians, cyclists and other street users.

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  3. Douglas Ivor-Smith

    I agree with these goals. For too long the focus of street improvements has been to simply “move the traffic”. In some areas, landscaping has begun to make a difference, but when are we going to start putting all those unsightly power lines (11 kV) and cable television lines underground where they belong? There they will be unseen and more protected from storm damage. Our power supply will also then be more secure. Pole supports for these lines were first used in the 19th Century. We are now in the 21st Century!

  4. Stephanie Stout

    All streets should be required to have wide sidewalks and street trees, preferably with the trees acting as a partial safety barrier between the street and sidewalk. There is no excuse for not having sidewalks. People are more important than cars and trucks. Narrow sidewalks right next to the street are dangerous and should be banned for new or rebuilt streets. Rain gardens can help water the trees and clean up the storm water runoff.


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