Bike rides, walks, trails, resources, and more fun

There are many ways to get out and actively enjoy the streets of Houston.

The City of Houston Bikeways Network Map shows current bike lanes and shared-use trails.

Houston – Galveston Area Council regional Bikeway viewer
This is an interactive map of existing and planned bikeways across the Houston-Galveston region.

Filtering a google maps search by “walking”, “bicycling” or “mass transit” is usually a reliable way to find routes for specific trips.

Social Bike Rides
If you don’t feel like biking alone, get involved in some of Houston’s social bike rides.  Numerous group bike rides take place around Houston each week.  Join this group to stay updated.

Social Walks
Another group has formed to take public walks as a group.  Find out more here.

How to get a Q Card for riding Metro bus and rail transit.
You can get a Q Card at METRO headquarters (located at 1900 Main St.), but there are hundreds of grocery stores and gas stations throughout Houston that also sell them.  See a list of locations here.

Houston Bike Share
Houston now has a bicycle sharing program that allows you to temporarily rent a bike for short trips around downtown and nearby urban areas.  Learn more here.

One thought on “Bike rides, walks, trails, resources, and more fun

  1. Ken Stevens

    I think what your doing above is a wonderful thing. I am a cyclist, I do a lot of riding and organized rides.
    And from that I can honestly say, regardless of what you do, until you change the mentality of people in their cars and trucks on the roads they think they own. Houston will not be a bike friendly city.
    That is why I have expressed on every occasion I can to run ads on TV to let everyone know that bikes have a
    right to the roads to.


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