Join the movement for Complete Streets

What is a complete street?
It’s a street for everybody to use.
• Takes into account all users of the street, not just those in cars.
• A safe corridor for people traveling by foot, bicycle, transit, and car.
• Cost effective because it provides travel options and reduces congestion.

About 40% of Houstonians do not drive.
For some, it’s a question of money, others are disabled, some may be too old, some are too young, and some just choose not to drive.
All of them have access needs and obstacles , and all of their frustration and difficulties tend to be hindrances to health, happiness, and prosperity.

A movement is growing to complete the streets.
States, cities, towns, and neighborhoods are asking their planners and engineers to build road networks that are safer, more livable, and welcoming to everyone.

Complete Streets (pdf)

7 thoughts on “Join the movement for Complete Streets

  1. Rev. Burton Bagby-Grose

    This is great! Many of us have been working for this for years and we finally seem to be making headway. Thanks for this work!

  2. Reno

    What are some of the things people can do to spread the word about this? Also, does the initiative suggest creating more parks with our bayous which could serve as bike/hike trails?

    1. admin

      Right now, we are focusing on spreading the word and collecting signatures on the petition, so you can be of great help by doing just that, pointing people to the petition at

      Complete Streets focuses on the streets and making them safe for all users, but the Bayou Greenways vision for bike / hike trails along all the bayous would complement a future Houston with Complete Streets very well. We should be able to ride a bike long distances in Houston and feel comfortable safely riding that bike on the local streets at both ends of that trip.

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